I am currently working as a director of photography and director in some short films that are preparing for this coming year. Also in some photography projetcs.

Abstract interior



Are abstract creations through everyday or architectural objects that surround me.



Some ideas that come to mind.



Some work this year,



I love photography. As a child I discovered that pressing the button of that strange artifact that had been given to me by my parents stopped the time. Not for everyone. Just for me. It was my instant. My feeling reflected in something that I liked or attracted attention, I have been taking and catching everything I like more than 26 years. I have not studied photography officially. I know what I have read so much, I have tried a lot and I have always accepted all the criticisms. And above all, the advice of great people that I have met along the way, being humble learn the biggest because they have already traveled the way and can guide you. I just try to follow the path they have already taught me. I always walk in search of the eternal smile, the sweetest look. The one that made you stop the time. It's the one I'm trying to capture ... because for me, too, time stops. I love what I do, I am a thief of instants, sighs, looks, gestures ... and that friends who read me is priceless.

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